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“Our labor pool reflects the increasing cultural diversity in our area. A company our size cannot afford a full time interpreter and Minnehaha Inc. has insured our ability to convey accurate information to our employees that have limited or no English language skills. We are now able to provide these employees with interpretations that are precise and, when dealing with wages or disciplinary actions, professional and confidential.”
Noel Johnson, K&A Crylics

“The translation services at Minnehaha Inc. were both accurate and timely.  They enabled us to take our existing Power Point presentation material and use it with a Spanish speaking audience in Mexico.  Even the technical terminology came through clearly.”
David Mundie, Cybersensor, Nashville TN

“Developing real estate in the Greek Islands from thousands of miles away can be extremely difficult especially when you don’t speak the language. It amazed me how having a translator enabled the contractors, partners and brokers to all work together in their own languages. Productivity and confidence has been tremendously improved and the price was so much less than we had anticipated.”
Paul Campanis, Property Developer

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